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Travel to Peru

Peru is, in my opinion, one of the most complete countries in the world for tourism.  If you haven’t heard about Peru, you might have heard about Machu Picchu…bingo! But there is a LOT more to see in Peru rather than Machu Picchu, here you can see Peru at a glance:

Lima, the three times crowned villa, once the center of the Americas, now the gastronomical capital of the Americas, also known as “la ciudad de los reyes” or “the city of kings”.  In this small video you can see some nice spots from my city:

Where to go?

Now, you may ask youself, where in Peru should I go to? The answer is in, where you can find all the information related to travel routes in Peru, according to the last campaign called Peru: Empire of Hidden Treasures.  Here you can watch a video from this campaign:

You can also find more information at the full version of the official tourism board website here.

There is also an essential tourism guide for Peru, you can find it on the web version or also on PDF.

 Essential information for tourists entering and and leaving the country

If your going to Peru for the first time, you should see this video in order to get acquainted with some general rules for the country, though, I must say that Peru is a very tourist friendly country:

and this one is for before you leave the country:

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