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Three New Starfish discovered in the Peruvian coast

Estrella de marPhoto: Diario El Comercio


One of the things I love from my country is that is always surprising us.

The Coastal Marine Unit of the National Service for Protected Areas by the State, together with the Marine Biology Laboratory of Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia, announced the discovery of three new starfish species in front of the Peruvian coast.

Known before in other seas, but not in the Peruvian, experts of both institutions could register the species named ‘Astropecten regal’, ‘Meyenaster gelatinosus’ and ‘Paulia horrida’.

The first was found in the mangroves of Tumbes, near the national shrine. The second was collected at Punta San Juan de Marcona, Ica.  The third, however, surprised in the extreme to specialists. The ‘Paulia horrida’ is one of the rarest starfish in the world. Only five specimens have been collected worldwide.

The specimen was found on the reefs of Punta Sal in Tumbes. Sernanp and Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia experts  managed to photograph it for the first time in history, in their natural habitat, 35 meters under the sea.

Source: Diario El Comercio

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