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Foreign investment in Peru accumulated a record of U.S. $ 7,659 million in 2011

Photo: El Comercio

In accordance with 13 years of cummulative growth, a new indicator of 2011 has been revealed.

Foreign investment in Peru rose to U.S. $ 7,659 million in 2011, an amount thatrepresents a record investment captured by the Peruvian economy, reported the Central Reserve Bank (BCR).

In a statement, the issuing entity specified that the amount achieved last year washigher by U.S. $ 331 million from 2010, which implies an increase of 4.5%.

Also, the result was due mainly by increased reinvested earnings of foreign firms in the country by U.S. $ 4,986 million and an increase in headquarters loans of U.S. $ 2,403 million.

Also, the monetary authority said that foreign investment in the country amounted to U.S. $ 1,987 million in the fourth quarter of 2011, a result that is explained by agreater reinvestment (U.S. $ 1,469 million), net lending to the matrix (U.S. $ 410million) and contributions and other capital operations (U.S. $ 109 million).

Source: El Comercio

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