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About Me

¡Hola! Dobrý den! Hello!  My name is Pedro Gutiérrez, and I come from Lima, Peru.  I studied Business Administration at Universidad de Lima, my alma mater.

After a long story full of love and tiles and tribulations, I ended living in Prague, Czech Republic.  Currently, I’m studying the Master on International Business and Central European Business Realities, or simply IB, at Vysoká škola ekonomická v Praze, or simply, University of Economics, Prague.

During my college life in Peru, I made some internships in different industries, such as the largest airline of Latin America, the 4th largest bank in Peru, an import goods firm and an embassy.  Currently, I’m trying to save the world from corruption on public tenders as a Data Analyst at  For more information about my professional profile, please refer to my Linkedin profile.  You can find a Linkedin button on the right side of display, below the description.