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Second Line of Lima’s Metro will be underground

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My first time in a European subway was in Prague, if we don’t consider the S line of Frankfurt as a metro.  I was really surprised because Prague’s subway is really underground!

In Lima, believe it or not, the first metro line took more than 20 years to be finally built, due to the economic and political crisis during the late 80’s and 90’s, and also because the successive governments didn’t want to finish the metro.  Alan García, whose first government drove us into the worst economic situation of our republican history, won again the elections in 2006 and, miraculously, didn’t make a bad term.  Of course, his term wasn’t perfect, but it was way better than the first one, and one of his biggest projects was to complete the construction of this first metro line, still unconcluded.

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President García dancing “El Teteo”, his most popular dance move

Many say that made the inaugural ceremony of this first metro line before it was actually finished, because he made it just 2 weeks prior to pass the presidential torch to Ollanta Humala, and actually, the free operation with passengers called “white march” started in January 2012, when Humala was already in office.

Humala, when everyone thought he will make a twist to the left, surprisingly accommodated himself to the center.  He showed many signs of confidence to the businessmen, like mantaining the economic aperture and signing more free trade agreements.  He also decided to increase the public expenditure to fight back the economic crisis that is affecting the USA and EU, major business partners of the country.  One way to perform this is investing in infrastructure, ergo, the second line of Lima’s metro system, and this time will be completely underground, not like the actual one, which is aerial.

I think this measure is more expensive, of course, but it will minimize the space impact and will allow more traffic flow.

Peru is now considered as one of the BRIC countries, and I think this measure reaffirms that.

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